Social Unrest and Protection of Properties

Protecting your properties may be the last thing on your mind during any unrest. However, this does not mean that you cannot always do so.

The recent riots, looting, and property destruction raised questions about how to keep people and businesses can keep their properties and businesses safe.

Protests when peaceful are a given in every country, but it can sometimes turn chaotic out of emotions, disruptions, and actions of not-so-peaceful persons. Although the recent protests seem to have taken a wide net of the issues bedeviling the country, similar events have been witnessed over the last few years. However, the recent trend has shown that it is not only big businesses that have become targets today but also small business owners and even pop up stores.

Although it is practically impossible to predict when civil unrests will break out, it is essential for business owners to plan ahead. Hence, the question that remains is that, what can business owners do to protect their properties and other assets during civil unrest and vandalism?


Ways to protect your properties during social unrests

  1. Insure Your Property: This, of course, should be the number one thing on the list of every business owner. Insurance is very important as it helps to protect you and your assets from any day-to-day liability risk. This is essentially what big businesses do and why they can easily get back on their feet after any form of upset. Take, for instance, the recent looting and property destruction across the country. Not only were the big businesses were affected but also the small and medium-sized stores. So, whether you operate as a small, medium or large-scale business owner, it is essential to put insurance into place.
  2. Clean Up: One of the best ways to prepare for potential protesters near your building is to make sure all valuable items are put away or locked in a safe place. For instance, you should move all company vehicles inside a secure perimeter or to a safe place away from the premises. Have your tenants park their cars in their garage or other safe parking areas. Put away documents in safeboxes so that no important information goes missing. Remove and hide flammable materials from all points of entry to a concealed location, or away from the asset. Additionally, businesses should make it a good practice to regularly document and keep an inventory of their property before damages occur.
  3. Add fences: While many may argue that fences do not work often, it is still a necessary step in property protection. This is because it serves as a mental and physical barrier. It can also slow down an invasion process. One way to improve the fence security is by including barbed wires, spikes, or glasses along its perimeter. Then, equipment and tools that can make it easily accessible should be kept off the fences. For small stores located in a larger complex, an iron fence with small spaces can serve as an alternative.
  4. Warning Signs And Decoys: Another way to protect your assets during civil unrest is to make use of decoys and warning signs. You know those beware of dogs, Military zone: Keep off! signs? Yes. And it works because it, generally, creates some sort of natural mental barriers in our heads. So, if used properly, it can definitely keep people off your property.
  5. Security Cameras/Alarms
    Installing a few cameras around your store can help identify what and when an event happened. Although cameras can’t physically protect your property, they can provide certain information. For instance, smart communities like all our estates have plans to put it in place within the estate. This will help to capture information like vehicle license plates, description details, or any other valuable information.

Like people say prevention is better than cure. This is because rioters and looters don’t usually have a specific target during civil unrest. Hence, anybody can find their properties or assets in those situations. It is, therefore, important to put in place prior safety methods to protect your valued properties and assets.


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